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Why Gangster Finance?


Everyday convenience, long-term stability and battle-tested security are three of the core principles upon which Gangster Finance is designed.

Earn passive income and compound your gains daily to generate yield with your favourite token. The longer you save, the more you accumulate & compound over time.


Unlike other popular platforms, this one doesn't run out of funds, or dry up with low activity. As long as you're in, you're always getting dividends.

The Daily Drip Pools all distribute 3% of their available balances every 24 hours, and they rebase every 6 hours. More daily earnings are generated with every deposit & withdrawal!

Secure Platform

Gangster Finance is a Voluntary, Permissionless platform built to serve everyone, without exception. You only need your wallet and a connection!

All contracts are rehearsed and debugged on Testnet vigorously by developers and testers. Contracts are Open Source and verified on BSCScan, for peace of mind.

A proud member of the SideKick Super Network

Gangster Finance is about to launch an MGE, for the all-new 31337 "GFI" token - running for seven days, users will be able to contribute BNB and get their share of the tokens, to stake and earn with on Gangster Finance. When GFI is distributed, Gangsters and SideKicks can follow the market action on DeFiWatcher, by SideKick Finance.

SideKick Finance's token SK can be staked into xSK, which can be staked in the OG Vault.

⚡ SideKick Finance 🥞 Buy SK 🔐 Stake xSK

Partnered with Hobbs Networking

Gangster Finance has created and secured a partnership with Hobbs Networking, where your Network is your Net Worth! This partnership introduces the entire Gangster Finance ecosystem to a professional network of producers, creators, builders, developers and other industry professionals - Hobbs Networking is launching their platform and the HNW Token very shortly, and Gangster Finance is a proud partner to assist!

Hobbs Networking has launched HNW, which will be a crucial component to the future of their platform. Stake it in the Gangster xHNW Vault and compound those gains!

💎 Hobbs Networking 🥞 Buy HNW 🔐 Stake xHNW

Gangster Finance
Created with ♥ by MrFUNCT1ON

NOTICE: This project is beta software and experimental in nature. Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. You are the only party responsible for your transactions.